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Internal Revenue Service
The Internal Revenue Service is responsible for collectingv taxes and administering the Internal Revenue Code, the federal statutory tax law of the US. Her you will find downloadable tax forms and publications as well as a lot of great tax advice.

Social Security Administration
The Social Security Administration administers Social Security, a social insurance program consisting of retirement, disability, and survivors' benefits.

US Small Business Administration
The SBA site contains a wealth of information for entrepreneurs and small business owners.

U.S. Department of Commerce
A thorough review of the Commerce Department and the organizations under its banner. This is where the Annual Survey of Entrepreneurs is completed.


California Secretary of State
The Secretary of State's office processes filings, maintains records and provides information to the public relating to business entities that include corporations, LLC's, limited partnerships, general partnerships, LLP's and other business filings.

California Franchise Tax Board
The California Franchise Tax Board collects state personal and corporate income tax.

California Board of Equalization
The State Board of Equalization is the agency charged with tax (i.e., Sales and use taxes, property taxes, special taxes and franchise and income tax appeals collected by FTB) administration and fee collection in the state of California.



Los Angeles Country Assessor
The Los Angeles County Assessor is the assessor and officer of the government of Los Angeles County responsible for discovering all taxable property in Los Angeles County, except for state-assessed property, to inventory and list all the taxable property, to value the property, and to enroll the property on the local assessment roll.

Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector
The Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector has put this website together in an effort to provide the public with information and online access to their services and publications.



Orange County Treasurer-Tax Collector
The primary mission of the Treasurer-Tax Collector is to collect and distribute property taxes for over 200 local agencies in Orange County.